On-air, November 12-18, 2012

Welcome to Area 51, your alternative shortwave experience. Here is the schedule for this weekend on WBCQ 5.110 MHz shortwave and simulcast on the net at the Splatterbox.

Schedule for November 12-18, 2012:

Monday 0100 Church of the Subgenius Hour of Slack #1385; 0200 The Jean Shepherd Show 7/5/1968 “Stuffed Cats and Radio Technology;” 0300 off.

Tuesday 0100 DJMOFO (KAOS Radio Austin); 0300 off.

Wednesday 0100 Idio-Audio 3/29/2000; 0200 Le Bon Bon Club 4/15/2000; 0300 off.

Thursday 0100 Allan Weiner Worldwide with Michael and Jason 10/5/2001; 0200 Allan Weiner Worldwide with Timtron 8/17/2012; 0300 off.

Friday 0100 Allan Weiner Worldwide (live); 0230 Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio 1643; 0300 Voice of the Dead: Grateful Dead Williamsburg 9/24/1976; 0400 off.

Saturday 0000 Radio Timtron Worldwide; 0200 The Lumpy Gravy Radio Show; 0400 off.

Sunday 0000 Church of the Subgenius Hour of Slack #1386b; 0100 Plastic Magic (live); 0300 Jean Shepherd; 0400 off.

Thanks for joining us! Our programming is unique on international radio, and we appreciate your support and feedback. We are always looking for new and interesting voices and welcome your contributions. Area 51 is an international community radio station operated in cooperation with WBCQ. All contributions go directly to airtime on the shortwave bands. All other costs are donated by the programmers and supporters.