International Radio Report – March 22, 2009 – Winterfest Wrap-up

Steve and Janice presented a nice analysis of the recently completed SWL Winterfest on their weekly radio show this morning on CKUT 90.3 Montreal. CKUT experienced some computer issues a couple of weeks ago, so their archives are not on the internet for the time being. However, we are pleased to present this weeks show for you, recorded live off the internet.

Note that our weekly broadcast of the International Radio Report is moving this week to a new time of Thursday at 8:30PM eastern on the Area 51 broadcast on WBCQ, following Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio, also at a new time of Thursday at 8:00PM eastern time on WBCQ 5.110.

Here’s the link:

International Radio Report – March 22, 2009 – SWL Winterfest Wrap-up

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