Summer Euphoria

From our pal Captain Ganja:

Man this one reminds me of the older original RFE with  only a few soundbytes, way more actual hosting, and of course plenty of my favorite music. Nice to have it this way for a change rather than with all the outside influences I was trying to duplicate when I first learned how to use Cool Edit Pro in late 2000. Now it is more like my original version except for a lack of evil tape hiss like in the cassette days. Yes, this  RFE is mostly like  the layed back organiic homegrown humorous style as it was back in the 90s. Enjoy!

Here it is:

Rare Radio Free Euphoria shows surface

Captain Ganja recorded a couple of live broadcasts from the Club 230 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in May, 2006, to a small handful of internet listeners. These shows were stashed away in the Captain’s personal archives, and now he’s decided to share them with us.

First, we have the Radio Free Euphoria Smoke Signal Test via Complex Variables Studio, recorded live on Saturday, May 6, 2006. This is followed by the Radio Free Euphoria Morning Madness show presented live on Friday, May 19, 2006, at around 7 in the morning. These lively shows were produced by Merlin, Zoron and Putt-Putt for Slohbco Films.

Here’s the link:

Radio Free Euphoria at the Club 230 – May 2006

Classic Captain Ganja and friends

Captain Ganja has broken out the tape box and started remastering some of the classic free radio broadcasts in his archive, not heard since they originally aired on shortwave radio over ten years ago. Here, for your amusement and entertainment, is the first batch.

Here are the links:

Radio Free Euphoria Returns!

We’ve been waiting three years for a new show from Captain Ganja. It’s here, now. What is that? I’ve never heard that guitar solo in Pigs On The Wing before. Oh? Ganja had an unfortunate encounter with Bozo at the Fest in 2006? Who would have thought?

This special Spliffmas show features Ganja with the munchies, Maharishi’s Coming To Town, Scratch and Sniff Bible, Super Jay’s Masty Mitts, Wolfish got run over by George Zeller, and much, much more!

Here’s the link:

Radio Free Euphoria – Spliffmas 2008

Kulpsville 2004, Room 107, After Hours

After an evening of live broadcasts at the 2004 SWL Winterfest from Timtron, the Lost Discs Radio Show, Pan Global Wireless, Michael Ketter, and Juliet’s Wild Kingdom, the party continued in Room 107 at the Best Western in Towamencin until the early hours of the morning. This zaniness was broadcast live on WBCQ via a nifty telephone patch, and we have some airchecks of this event.

On these recordings you can hear Michael Ketter, Paul Shalbetter, Captain Ganja, and many others. Ganja and Michael conduct a long interview with Jay Smilkstein starting at about 40 minutes into the 0600 recording. Jay discusses, among other things, Uncle Samuel Schmuckstein (not his real name), the A&P in Mount Kisco, marijuana, the post-industrial society, freon, old cars and microbuses, AM radio, and a dentist named Doctor Suk.

Here’s the link:

Kulpsville 2004 Room 107 After Hours